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Gnavolini Raccolta Sapore

Bottle Sine Die Riserva 250ml

Bottle Sine Die Riserva 250ml

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Natural extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the fruits of 600 trees located in a single hilly terrain at 300m above sea level on our farm in Umbria.

Rich in polyphenols - natural antioxidants that keep cells young; the low acidity content (less than 0.3%) attests to the freshness and excellent processing of the product; the low peroxide value (7.5) indicates optimal preservation of the product. Oil with an intensely fruity flavor with notes of cut grass and almonds, a rich and enveloping taste. Persistent bitter aftertaste and pleasant spiciness.

COLD PRESSED from green and particularly fresh olives of the MORAIOLO variety, maintaining an average temperature of 18°C ​​during the entire production process.

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